• It is designed to transport loads continually or Go & Stop, it is simple system easily adapted to work in any places under any conditions whatever the complexity of the circuit.
  • Chain moves in a rail having the shape of omega.
  • Standard rail is fabricated from 2 thick profiles assembled together by flanges.
  • The circuit of the conveyor is made by the assembly of standard rails by bolts and nuts.
  • The conveyor can be suspended from the roof of the building  or supported on the  ground.
  • Chain is fabricated of standard links connected together with 4 bearing rollers and cross head which permits the articulation of the chain , bearing is of  the type of support roller or guide roller .suspension of loads is made by standard triangle  hooks or special hooks.
  • A caterpillar driving unit with a gear motor  is  selected to chive the  required  speed , a  torque  limiter  is  used  for the safety of the chain.
  • An electronic inverter with digital screen for varying the speed of the conveyor.
  • An automatic lubricator can be  added.
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