Standard combined booth and oven is made of painted galvanized panels. it is used for repainting cars

  • Booth is pressurized ,ventilation is done from up to down ( down draft ) using an efficient fan which blow air from atmosphere to the booth through a primary filter and then to the booth through the plenum which contains the ceiling filter with a window shape.
  • Polluted air is colleted in a pit under the booth covered with gratings, polluted is succeed by means of another fans which make the pressurizing of the booth.
  • Booth can be dry type when the pit is covered by paint stop filter and it can be of the wet type using water in the pit and water jacket which wash air before leaving the booth.
  • All our filter is AAF brand name.
  • After painting cycle booth is transferred to the oven phase by means of heat exchanger and burners using SAMES fans.
  • A control panel with timer for heat time control is provided.
  • Car painting Booth: on production line.
Big bus combined painting and oven booth.
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